Sunday, June 23, 2013

beaches and views

 I didn't take much effort to take photos during my trip. Thinking it would be best to just experience the whole thing with my soul fully :P

During our stay in Langkawi, we kinda did this fun little thing called "resort hopping", where we would stop by at any resort hotels at sight and walk around the lobby and the seaside. I enjoyed daydreaming while being there. I'd say Langkawi is really a nice place to just do foolish things...except smoking. Thanks to my girls that i learned few things about myself and my confidence. You'll never know how far you can get unless you gonna try for it.

Most photos taken at this grand resort hotel , Four seasons in Langkawi. Where it looks grand in the evening but eerily zen at night. Heck we got lost while finding our way to the bar.

 taken at The Westin langkawi resort &spa .

bathrooms in four seasons resort are little too grand. really.

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