Wednesday, January 09, 2013

2012 tastes like...

This is actually an old post i wrote weeks ago, didn't have the time to finish it until now.


 New years brunch with the girls (2013)

2012 ,by far,is one of the horrible year I've gone through. When I mean horrible, It literally means the "you fell down on to the ground.hard.solid.deep" and then you slowly climb your way out. Thanks to this particular year, I learnt how it horrible it felt and I'm thankful for it. Looking back the dark times, i can really laugh it all out.

For the sake of recollecting my memories for this year I've made a brief list.

Despite its a horrible year, there's always something good behind it. Here's a brief list :

- I went on a 4week vacation to Japan, got horrible flu for the first 2 weeks. So uncool.

-I took the online digital painting course with bobby Chiu in Schoolism, Best. Decision. Ever.

-I bought my first dress online. I guess it's a new breakthrough for growing up.

-got myself a few commissions started in later months of 2012. Pretty cool clients I get to know with.

-dyed my hair 5 times this year. Longest record so far.

- worked with the kids part time. I will never ever ever have that kind of patience to deal with little annoying kids- although they are cute. No!

- learned new techniques on traditional media. Figured that I enjoyed more painting on a canvas than digital.

- it has been a year since I visit a hair salon. Longest record so far. Something I'm proud of actually.

- got rid of the cyst around my left ankle joint. horrahh!

- caffeine is my best friend now. triple shot americano please!

and my resolutions for 2013?!

Be a better person!!!

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