Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Back to december

ahhh such a cliche title. It's a month of Fridays and a special day for me. yep. I'm a Sagittarius and I can totally relate how Taylor Swift's favorite number. And I even forgot how old i am this year (look below for more juice)

It's been x weeks I've last update this blog. my most legitimate reason for it would be the amount of time spent in my mom's garden and driving out illegally delivering flowers to customers. For once i thought of physical work would stimulate more inspiration in my mind but it all comes to observing how 'angmoh' their homes can be. My mom's clients are 80% westerners, i.e angmoh, thus it's pretty unusual how my mom can communicate with them with her 'self learn' English  I didn't mean to say her English suck gumballs , it just amazes me that my mom could actually pick up English over the years herself. And that I should reflect on my mandarin. Because my mandarin speaking skills sucked gumballs, hard. 

I like skulls. Not in the mood for nail art these days. The feeling of having them on irks me and it always gets dirty when I paint. 

It's called  Tarap  .The sweet tropical fruit that i always have as a dessert after dinner. Tastes so so goooood 

stray cats..zzzz why aren't there any stray dogs around here.

a basket of a sad toy.

The most embarrassing cake i bought in my life. 1- forgot that i'm not 23 anymore and 2- the cake is not big enough for my family 3-it's not fresh from the bakery. In the end I ordered another cake, a fresh one this time. bloodyhell.

least i let this fella in the photo 

I call this cat yellow head in hakka. You figure it out how it sounds like. 

First we had  few snakes, monitor lizards, wild boars, scorpions(oh god no), cats, more cats and a rare visitor- a tortoise. My dad carried it over when he saw something in front of our house gate. He let it go behind the lawn. This time i'm hoping for a magical horse come by and it can be my bff.

I used up all my part time salary to get an ipad. Not sure if it's a good investment but it sure is convenient enough to hit up facetime with family back home. 

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