Sunday, January 26, 2014

it's the end of January already?!

It has been a long pause from this blog, partly because I'm lazy and because I'm going through this silent phase.

there are times when I am so confused of my own standing.
and there are times my anger channeled into passion.
and there's also break downs and self loathe.

but i am here gathering my sanity, with a cup of mint and licorice tea. giving no shit towards negativity.

peace out bros.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

december 2013 highlights, my thoughts on life.

 first week of the month, i got pickpocketed in a market. it just happened too suddenly that i cant even feel it from my shoulder.fucking ninjas. 

on a brighter side, got some offers and a CAKE! 

He got me this toy which i was once dissed this so much when this item launched sometime back. I havent tried it so far, time doesn't permit me well.

aaand my cravings for burger is well filled. the mojito was a little too alcoholic lol.

boss treating me and elaine for dinner. i wasnt in the mood to stuff food to my face. 

checking out the light hitting my pupils.

 dec 21/22 - comic fiesta 2013 ,the first day I was VERY nervous , don't know what to do/sell , really shitballs. 
the second day 80% of my stuffs were sold out. so i think i gain more confidence to sell more stuff next year.
before i went for a huge makeover. lets say its like a 180 turn. i really cant stand this long hair.

all i can ask for is some good moment to start my 2014. Sure 2013 not even a good year for me at all - the previous year is Hell. All kinds of misfits happened to me, zero job offers , even letting me hanging on my cliff. I'm pretty much at the edge to be honest. But i fight on, i still have my courage to fight on this horrible life i'm going through. 

Christmas was good, i have to gifts for myself nor to anyone but greetings. I do think i deserve some gift, not a macbook, not even a naked 3 palette, I rather have a nice cozy slice of pizza. no joke man. 

For i am still fighting on this path, i really place my beliefs on things will be in place soon. Otherwise, how can i keep my sane in place? I destroyed my delusional sense of living and head straight on to living.

be young and free a all young people say? I simply cannot input that sense into me. It is the time where I should be strong and work for something I deserve to achieve.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Come to Comic Fiesta this weekend!

I'm teaming up with my other artist friends to set up a booth in CF this yr. It's our first time doing it so I'm really not that good in selling. This year I just did a few stuff to sell. With my tight budget and hopeful spirit. I hope we can at least cover the cost of the booth payment. I always wanted to try selling my art but I REALLY have no balls for it and i kept delaying that idea. This year i just go ahead and try it . If it doesn't go so well, at least I try :) 

My birthday was last friday..the 13th *dramatic sfx*  nothing much happened on my bday, just work ;____; .These badges came on the right day!!! 
 These are about 57mm badges,  I wanna try out using my two hipster theme badges to see how's the market going on in cf . My fav will be Jake ,LSP and the hipster cat.

priced at RM 5 per badge // 3 for RM12

These are the printed postcards I have made earlier, wrapped in individual plastic bags(???)  I'm probably gonna risk selling my originals though people in CF mostly sell fan arts. 

Quoted these for RM3 per postcard. RM10 for 4 postcards

We also have another art book , which is still in printing, hopefully it'll come on time :D
the artbook is themed "horoscopes with chinese zodiacs" 
You'll see my contributed artworks from there. I'll post those online soon :P

Don't forget to get my namecard ! I draw for food :p

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

beauty stuff bought. and reviews.

Ahh i finally have the extra time to blog. things were so hectic, too occupied to know that it's already December. It's my birthday month and yet to look forward to. I don't know about Birthdays, to me it's just a day to be grateful that I'm alive still. But it's a damn good excuse to have cake for myself nyaha!

So throughout these weeks i've been working on stuff which really stressed me out. the more pressure i get, the more temptation for me to shop. I don't think it's a good habit but....*sigh* 

I'm such a weird fellow that i get real happy when i get to wait for the parcel to arrive but after it arrives , things go opposite. *frugal problems* 
while making full use of this chance of spending >_> 
I'll blogged them here. i'm super newb in reviewing so please bare with me :P

 top: Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask, Etude house Fresh cherry tint (light pink and orange), innisfree no-sebum mineral powder.

i bought all these from Q100 website , which is previously caled gmarket. So these are from the s.korean seller. Price is much cheaper than you get over here. Becareful of fake products lurking around the website though. Always check the reviews beforehand. If i'm not mistaken the pore clay mask is rm35+ and the no sebum powder is rm19 each. As for the etude house lip tints, i got them buy 1 free 1 for rm6.50. How flippin cheap is that. 

Innisfree pore clay mask:  Pretty cooling for my sensitive skin. I only tried it twice, so far so goood.

Innisfree no-sebum mineral powder : So far it really makes ur face matte for few hours. I only tried this once and it was raining so i cannot give much details. I applied it twice that day. Pretty good makeup settler.

Etude House lip tint: I don't know how to describe this. It doesn't make any difference to my lips, and it tastes bitter lol. Overall not really fancy this lip tints, I rather use my Toly Moly lip tint. It dries my lips and also it didn't really leave any stain behind. Not much regret buying these over just rm6.50. I'm going to give out these to my friend to try out. huhu

real techniques makeup brushes, Nubian heritage African black soap , Queen Helene mint julep masque

I wonder if any of you know about real techniques makeup brushes. I know of them when my sister got  the stippling brush while back in the UK. She told me its the best brush she ever used. I am convinced to try and might as well invest in these makeup brushes that hopefully can last me forever.  Alas i found this brilliant website . these makeup brushes apparently were sold around rm100-200 per set i suppose. I remember freaking out by the price when i spot the brush sets at SHINS. Bloddy hell it just priced at USD18 (approx RM57) per set at iherb! 

So i went and splurged on the core collection (USD18), travel set collection (USD 18) and the stippling brush (USD 10)

I have yet to use them since i'm so occupied with work.  I'll update with the review with these brushes.

Moving on the Nubian Heritage African Black soap (USD3+), I came to know of this from a friend whose mentiontion to me about this bar soap. I just get it a go since it's available in iherb. 
I've started to use this soap for a few days and so far it is so amazing! I had 5 breakouts from sleeping late and BOOM they got healed so fast. I don't have to apply acne cream ( I ran out of my kiehl's acne cream T_T) 
it smelled so good and it lathers up quicker tha i expected. I like massaging my face with this. I don't mind sharing this cus i really feel you acne prone skin people! I was once experienced a major breakout too! 
(maybe i shud blogged on how i face my breakouts.)

As for the Queen Helene mint julep masque (USD 3+), I have yet to try.  i forgot that i bought this when i purchase the innisfree pore clay mask >_> 

If you're interested to buy any health foods or these makeup brushes go ahead and use this code 


to get usd$10 off your first purchase! 

shipping offers you usd 4 flat! OR You'll get free shipping if you purchase more than usd 40 

Besides these i have bought a few stuff, oh dear. I really should discipline myself on shopping ..

Monday, November 25, 2013

some random updates from the past 2 weeks.

I haven't planned anything to post here yet. Just so occupied with work and catching up on my sleep D: 
Comic Fiesta is coming real soon, meaning I have loads of things to print out and prepare for the booth ,Banana Clover, which has 4 members on it. I'm keeping my sane in check just so I won't get panic when shits happening. But i managed to finished a few of my works now. phew. I can't wait to show the printed works here soon..soon D:

 Hell why time goes too fast than i expect. I wish I could handle them all and be more quick in doing things to make it more efficient. Feels really redundant to say here but i am also worried for the parcels I ordered from america. It's already 4 weeks and it suppose to arrive in Malaysia 2 weeks ago *worried*. You have no idea how much i spent there D: D:

so.. x weeks ago...

 I had some cool german dinner for sa jang nim's birthday. Cold cuts and huge platter. I think it's all enough for a handful of people. Cold bacon cuts are goooood. I skip on beer although it should taste better with. I was hoping to get a nice hot tea instead lol. 

I tried freezing coffee into these silicon molds from Daiso. Really makes a nice iced coffee with milk. Coffeee is my life saver now. without it i'll turn into a grumpy old woman.

So the other night i was rushing my freelance work, I got pretty stressed up that night. heard some bad news from a the booth members and I got really frustrated. So while diverting my emotions away i keep myself occupied with work. Hence a random call from a friend who offered me two tickets to see One ok Rock...Mind goes boom. overwhelmed. unreal. let-me-slap-my-face-to-see-if-it's-reality.

you can imagine now. 

Just an fyi, I have never attend to any concerts so I can be really noob on how to get to the concert place or how to behave in a concert.
 we arrived really early ( around 4 pm) ad there's still a long queue. like seriously these people are so fanatic. I was so confused like what the hell happened here?! whats with the crowd?! What is it?!!! Turns out they were just standing around and some buying their merchandise. I digress on describing how the atmosphere feels like. we went to the nearby 7 eleven to chill and wait till 6.30. 

 I have to say i felt so uncomfortable standing with these people. Not because of them but my fear of being in a crowd. Shoulder's knocked each other, bags caressing ur ass. hows that for a crowd. we waited for a dreadful 2 hrs.

in the bright stage. my eyes *_*

 For being a weirdo, I was actually studying their body forms and reading their body language. I stood there watching them ,studying at the features of the faces.  aka has really nice pretty boy face features, so as toru .

 tomoya (drummer) is so sick . seriously so much passion for hitting the drums with so much strenght. till he broke a piece of the drumstick and replaced it in a flash. professional indeeeed.

    The whole show sounds better in live, better than the ones you heard from youtube. The show has more feels. Taka really nailed at making the timing right. He's actually more good looking than in photos. His scream was too overwhelmed for the mic to handle , hence it became a piercing screech.

Yep, you can guess now. our ears got raped. We can't really hear each other for few mins after the concert. But dayum i wish to go for more concerts like this. Something i can really enjoy watching people playing music with passion.

i shall end this post with my ramen meal i had 2 nights ago.